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DatologyAI raises $46M Series A

Our founders (from left to right): Matthew Leavitt (CSO), Bogdan Gaza (CTO), Ari Morcos (CEO)

At DatologyAI, we are focused on building the world’s best platform for automated data curation at petabyte scale, helping customers to train models faster, to better performance, and enabling smaller models to achieve performance competitive with much larger models. Models are what they eat, and the data models ingest determines everything about their capabilities. Check out our company announcement here for more detail on our mission.


Following our $11.65M Seed round last September, we’re excited to announce that we’ve raised a $46M Series A led by Viv Faga and Astasia Myers from Felicis Ventures, with participation from our existing Seed investors at Radical Ventures and Amplify Partners along with our new investors Elad Gil, M12, and the Amazon Alexa Fund. We are so grateful to our existing and new partners for their support and unwavering confidence in us as we pursue our audacious goal of democratizing data research for everyone.


This funding, which brings our total capital raised to more than $57.5M, will enable us to substantially scale the size of our team and increase our compute available to push the frontier of what is possible with data curation, not just for language models but across modalities. We are hiring across a number of roles, including research and engineering — please get in touch!


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