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Why Should You Join DatologyAI?

Our mission at DatologyAI is to help companies train better models through better use of data.

We believe that the next 10x efficiency improvements in deep learning will come from better use of data. Good data curation allows you to train better models much more quickly, saving compute costs and accelerating research velocity.

Automatically determining the right data to train on is a frontier scientific research problem. Turning those research insights into easy-to-use, scalable tools requires novel engineering solutions. We’re uniquely equipped to address these challenges due to our extensive experience in pioneering deep learning data research and data infrastructure at some of the world’s top research organizations and tech companies.

We’ve raised over $11.5M from top-tier investors, including Amplify Partners, Radical Ventures, and Conviction Capital, and ML industry giants like Jeff Dean, Yann LeCun, Geoff Hinton, Naveen Rao, and Adam D’Angelo to help make our vision a reality. You can learn more about our vision here.

We invite you to join us in the journey to beat scaling laws through better data.

Compensation and Benefits

At DatologyAI, we are dedicated to ensuring pay fairness and maintaining highly competitive market rates. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package to support our employees' well-being and professional growth:

  • Comprehensive health, dental, and vision insurance for you and your dependents.

  • 401(k) plan with a generous 4% company match.

  • Unlimited paid time off (PTO) policy – we encourage employees to take a minimum of 2 weeks per year to rest and recharge.

  • Annual $2,000 wellness stipend to support your physical and mental well-being.

  • Annual $1,000 learning and development stipend to foster continuous growth and skill acquisition.

  • Daily lunches and snacks are provided in our office!

  • Relocation assistance for employees moving to the Bay Area to help ease the transition

We believe in investing in our employees and providing them with the resources they need to thrive both personally and professionally.

What makes a datologist?

Datology is the science of data, and that’s how we view our mission. As such, we at DatologyAI refer to ourselves as Datologists. We’re a team of scientists, engineers, and builders who are obsessed with data, deep learning, and challenging technical problems.

Becoming a Datologist means you will be working with some of the best ML practitioners in the industry, veterans with deep ML expertise from FAIR@MetaAI, MosaicML, Google DeepMind, Apple, Twitter, Snorkel AI, Cruise, and Amazon. Your day-to-day work will consist of conducting rigorous research, implementing cutting-edge technology into our products, and empowering our customers with quality data that is currently only available to a few.

The Values of DatologyAI

It’s critical to have clarity of vision not just around our mission, but also the culture in which that mission is achieved. Cultural values serve as a compass for navigating challenges and opportunities, fostering cohesion and alignment toward common goals. Datologists embody the following values of DatologyAI:

Be customer-obsessed

Our mission at Datology is to democratize data research for everyone. In order to accomplish this, we need to be obsessed with our customers’ problems and goals. Their success is our success; if they don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.

Shoot for the stars

We push the boundaries of what’s possible and set high goals for ourselves, even if it means we won’t always reach them.

Experiment relentlessly

We approach problems as scientists by making and testing hypotheses, whether they’re about sales, recruiting, research, or even lunch delivery services.

Take ownership and do the dirty work

Own the hard but essential, un-glamorous work so long as it is necessary. Sometimes the “boring” work is the most important.

Fail forward, grow stronger

We understand that failure is a natural and useful part of the process, so long as it helps us learn and grow. In order to grow, we need to constantly seek feedback from others. We all make mistakes! What’s important is that we learn from them.

Prioritize ruthlessly

We have limited bandwidth and need to prioritize ruthlessly to ensure we’re executing at the highest level. Focus is everything.

Have the kindness to say hard things

When conflict arises, we have open, honest conversations and do our best to understand each other’s unique perspectives. We don’t shy away from hard feedback, but always deliver it with kindness. We lift each other up; we don’t tear each other down.

Decide and commit

We carefully consider all our options, but have a strong bias for action. Our biggest advantage as a small company is our ability to execute quickly — we ship quickly, experiment quickly, and make decisions quickly. In most cases, done is better than perfect.

Who are we looking for?

If you’re an exceptional researcher and/or engineer looking to build the future of data curation for deep learning, we’d love to hear from you. In particular, we’re looking for:

We don’t pigeonhole our technical staff at DatologyAI. Everyone’s title is some variation of “Member of Technical Staff.” Members of Technical Staff with more research responsibilities don’t need to have PhDs, and they learn to implement their ideas using the same tooling that gets shipped to our customers. Members of Technical Staff with more engineering responsibilities also learn to train models and run experiments.

One of DatologyAI’s main advantages is its ability to move fast. To ensure our ability to execute, we’re currently in our Redwood City office five days a week. But we also understand that moving can take time, so as a transitional phase, some Datologists may start while remote.

What’s our interview process like?

Experiment Relentlessly is one of our core values and one of our greatest strengths as a startup. We aim to apply this to hiring as well. Our central goal is to cut down unnecessary processes while ensuring that you, the candidate, have a fair and effective way to gain a comprehensive bidirectional understanding of the work and culture of DatologyAI.

We care deeply about a world-class candidate experience. For those who want to move fast, we can expedite the whole interview process in a week. In the past, we’ve given offers to stellar candidates before they even left our office. That said, we know that a job change is a big life decision. We can work with the timeline that makes sense for you.

These are the details for 3 step process:



After you apply through our website with your resume, we aim to reply to you within a week. There are a few things you should know:

  • A human reviews every application. We do not use automated screening tools.

  • We consider you for any suitable opening, regardless of the specific role you apply for. Applying to multiple positions does not help your chances of receiving an interview.

  • We are unable to provide feedback on resumes due to our limited team size.


A get-to-know-you chat

30 minutes over Zoom. We learn more about you and your experience, tell you about DatologyAI, and answer any questions you have about us.


A screening

Next is a 60-minute screening interview. Since we are very hands-on at DatologyAI, the screening is reflective of the actual work you will be doing—NOT Leetcode. You will work with a member of our technical staff on a coding question, and go on a research deep dive if you have a research background.


Finally, an onsite.

For the final onsite, we invite you to our office for a day. You will have several technical interviews, a behavioral interview, and a research presentation if you’re applying to the Research Scientist role. You will also have lunch with the team and ask any questions you have. We will reimburse all travel-related costs.

We welcome referrals from our friends as well: we offer an external referral bonus of $2000 for each hire! If you have any more questions about our interview process or DatologyAI in general, feel free to email

Come build the future with us. It’ll be hard. It’ll make a difference. And it’ll be fun.


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